We specialize in chronic, habitual and histrionic alcoholics and addicts who have a history of relapse and little hope of recovery. If You Have A Substance Abuse Problem and are seeking a way out, Contact us for information: Our Program Works!

The admissions process begins with a confidential phone call to one of our Professional Counselors at the H.O.U.S.E., Inc. We gather information about each Client’s medical, psychological and substance abuse history and discuss the current challenges they are dealing with. If medical detoxification is warranted based on our initial assessment, clients are referred to an appropriate detoxification facility for withdrawal symptoms. We do not require but highly recommend that clients complete a course in a substance abuse treatment facility. Financial arrangements, dates of availability and other pertinent information is covered during the initial phone consultation.

A referral from clinical or treatment programs and professionals, is not required but they are encouraged and welcomed. We welcome input from referring health-care professionals and strive to maintain open communications in cases of referral and continued client involvement, including Criminal Justice interface and communication. CCJP referrals are also professionally managed by the Clinical Substance abuse staff.

Requirements for admission are:

  • Willingness to participate in 12-step oriented meetings and program activities
  • Must have a problem with substance addiction (Alcohol or Drugs)
  • Age 21 or older
  • Commitment to a one-year tenure in the program
  • A willingness to become employed and self-sustaining within the program

Notes: the H.O.U.S.E., Inc. does not distribute medications. All medication required by clients must be self-administered. Certain prescribed medications are not allowed. All addictive substances restricted from use and from the premises of all The HOUSE Inc. infrastructure. This includes all Opiates, Benzodiazepines and other addictive-problematic medications.