Subordinate, but indispensable to our Mission, are the individual goals of each of our core programs. Because of the nature of recovery, some level of success must be attained in order for an individual to maintain long-term sobriety.

Our Housing program serves the goal of mitigating the concerns of daily living to allow the individual to acclimate in the fellowship of recovery.

Achieving the goal of our Opportunity Program places the individual back in the job market and the tax base. Therefore employment also bolsters the recovery process. Improving the individual’s self-worth that serves to reinforce the recovery.

Our Unity Program’s goal builds by establishing the emotional core of recovery. The feeling of “being a part of” their own recovery and the recovery community adds another tier of support reinforcing the primary goal.

Our Service program assists in integrating individuals back into society via other means than economic settings. On this level, appreciation of the value of giving and serving the community comes.

Although the goal of our Education program seems obvious, the contribution of education toward personal achievement and self- esteem gleaned helps to provide victories over the disease.

Veteran’s Program

The primary aim of the Veterans programs are to offer veterans, both male and female, the services provided by The H.O.U.S.E., Inc. programs plus specific assistance in the areas of:

• Transportation to VA Hospitals
• Counseling
• Case Management
• Education
• Employment

In the last two years we have seen the veteran population of our client load increase from 10% to over 50% percent. An experienced VA person has been added to our staff to assist veterans.